UV Free Great Looking Tan, No UV

We offer not one, but two amazingly effective and natural looking tanning options without any effects from ultraviolet radiation. This is a great option for people with type 1 skin, sensitive to sunlight, or simply want a great tan in a single visit!

Sunless Tanning Process

Sunless tanning is a tanning method, in which the name implies, without any ultraviolet radiation. It is a spray/mist solution that is applied to your skin, and uses, among other ingredients, erythrulose and DHA (dihydroxyacetone) to react with keratin, the protein in the skin's epidermis, or outer dead superficial layer, to form a golden brown color.

DHA is non-toxic (although care should be taken not to let it into your eyes or mouth), and derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. DHA has also been permanently added to the The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of approved cosmetic ingredients. Professional spray tan solutions are formulated differently than consumer product "self tanning lotions", thus do not create an orange look like they can. Your skin will begin to darken within two to three hours after application and reaches it peak within 24 hours of application.

It is advised you take a shower before a spray tan to remove additional dead skin which will make it last longer. Also, avoid rain showers, crying, or any activity which can wet your skin for a few hours afterwards to prevent any streaking. Your skin is also more sensitive to sunlight for 24 hours after a spray tan so limit exposure and plan any regular tanning sessions before your spray tan. The sunless tanning effects will gradually fade with exfoliation just like a regular tan from the sun.

The Tanning Zone offers two great ways to get a sunless tan, Versa Spa Pro and a professional airbrush spray tan applied by one of our associates. Each have their own benefits. If the below descriptions do not answer your questions, don't hesitate to call.

Versa Spa Pro

Versa Spa Pro

Versa Spa Pro is a sunless tanning booth offering the professional results of a salon airbrush tan with the privacy and convenience of a tanning booth. It provides a premium spray tanning experience with an open, warm and relaxing environment resulting in a beautiful bronze color. The audible voice guide instructs you along the way how to position, and a reference chart is close by to ensure you receive professional results every time. The Tanning Zone offers a whole range of Versa Spa products like skin conditioners, moisturizers, tanning levels, bronzers, and applicators that are used in the booth as well as at home. Don't be fooled by substandard sunless tanning booths, for the best East Texas has to offer, demand Versa Spa Pro!

Versa Spa Demonstration

Versa Solutions
Versa Solutions

    Choose Clear or Instant Cosmetic Bronzer

  • Clear – Goes on clear while a long lasting, natural extended tan develops over the next 4-8 hours
  • Instant Cosmetic Bronzer – Immediate deep, natural cosmetic color fused with an extended tan like Clear
  • Formulated with Eco-Certified DHA and Erythrulose for a long lasting, beautiful tan.

    Skin Preparation

  • Start your tan with Perfector to balance skin’s pH for an even, deep tan and see results in as little as 2 hours!
  • Formulated with Grape Seed Extract to help stimulate collagen and improve skin appearance.

    Hydrate Skin & Extend Your Tan

  • Add the moisturizing treatment for immediate hydration
  • Helps deepen and extend color development
  • Formulated with green tea extract to help reduce free-radical damage
  • Formulated with ginger root extract to help increase circulation
Versa Products
Versa Triangle


If your looking for a more customized, personal look than the Versa Spa Pro, the airbrush spray tan option is what your looking for. Our professional spray formula is applied by hand with our air powered spray applicator from one of our trained associates. It is great for applying more or less solution to certain areas to achieve a fine tuned look worthy of the red carpet. Please call before showing up for a spray tan. An appointment may be needed based on the availability of our associates trained to apply it.

Spray Gun